Canada Is Investing $180 Billion To Make Life Better For You

Canada Is Investing $180 Billion To Make Life Better For You

Canada Is Investing $180 Billion To Make Life Better For You

In the country where you currently reside, how much is the government investing in your life? When last did you see an increase in the quality of (your) life? And by quality I mean: do you feel safe? How about the country’s economic and political situation; is it stable? Also, how’s the country’s state of infrastructure?

If you had to pause and think about the answers to these questions, then you probably need to relocate to a different country. And may I suggest Canada. You see, Canada’s federal government just signed a new ten-year bilateral agreement with its ten provinces, territories and municipalities as part of the country’s ambitious 12-year $180 billion ‘Investing in Canada’ infrastructure plan.

Under the recently signed 10-year bilateral agreement, more than $33 billion in federal funding will be invested in infrastructure projects across the country. This long-term infrastructure investment is expected to cut across four priority areas, namely public transit; green infrastructure; community, culture, and recreation infrastructure; and rural and northern communities.

This means increased infrastructure, but most importantly, job opportunities. You should know that the infrastructure plan is presently in operation. A breakdown of the fund saw $28.7 billion being used in 2016 and 2017 to build new urban transit networks and service extensions; $26.9 billion was used to ensure access to safe water, clean air, and greener communities in both years.

$25.3 billion is to provide affordable housing and childcare and cultural and recreational centers. $10.1 billion was for safe, sustainable and efficient transportation systems that brought global markets closer to Canada; and $2 billion was to grow local economies, improve social inclusiveness and better safeguard the health and environment of rural and northern communities.

From what I know as a resident, Canada is one of the few countries in the world that is deeply and deliberately invested in its human capital. The government does not spare a single Canadian dollar to ensure that the potential of everyone resident in Canada is adequately harnessed for personal and public growth.

Already ranked by several surveys as having one of the best living conditions in the world, the ‘Investing in Canada’ infrastructure plan will further enhance the living conditions and economic growth in Canada. The inclusiveness of the plan means everyone resident in Canada will have a taste of this good life. Good news is, this includes you too; if you decide to move to Canada.

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