#DestinationCanada – CN Tower

#DestinationCanada – CN Tower

#DestinationCanada – CN Tower

If you’re not petrified of heights and have always dreamed of looking down a city from the sky, then you should love this. Maybe you’ve already seen a picture of this but yet to visit; Canada’s famous and tallest building, the CN Tower is a 1,815.3 feet concrete communications and observation tower.

Located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, the Canadian National (CN for short) Tower built in 1976, is the ninth tallest tower in the world. It used to be the world’s tallest tower until 2009. At first, for 32 years beginning from 1975 – 2007, it held the record for the world’s tallest free-standing structure.

Visitors to the CN Tower on the EdgeWalk. SOURCE: GlobalNews

The lifts that takes you up the tower has glass fronts that gives you a view of the ground as you go up. At the top is also a glass looking downward; and on the roof of the main pod is an overhead rail system at 1,168 ft called the EdgeWalk; where you can walk around the tower hands-free in 30 minutes.

Global News Kim Sullivan walks on the edge of the CN Tower. SOURCE: GlobalNews

Another breathtaking feature of the CN Tower is a revolving restaurant at 1,151 ft called 360 Restaurant. Inside the restaurant you get a magnificent revolving view of Toronto in every 90 minutes. Breathtaking isn’t it? The view from this height is amazing. It’s no wonder why in 1995 the American Society of Civil Engineers declared the tower one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World.

The interior of the revolving 1,151 ft restaurant. SOURCE: Google

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