#DestinationCanada – Niagara Falls

#DestinationCanada – Niagara Falls

#DestinationCanada – Niagara Falls

Are you fascinated by the beauty of nature; the gushing sound of continuously descending waters? Then you must visit the famous Niagara Falls.

Partly situated in Ontario, Canada, and in Buffalo, New York, USA, this fascinating enormous energy of waterfalls, with a whooping average of about 7000 cubic meters per second, is the world’s biggest by volume. No other waterfall gushes like the Niagara Falls.

A sight as the Niagara Falls creates a rush of excitement. There are few tips to enjoy this beautiful fall. The Niagara Falls produces large amount of mists which can make the walkways surrounding it slippery; so, it’s important to exercise caution when around it. Let the mist tickle your skin but watch your steps.

An aerial view of the Niagara Falls. SOURCE: Google

There are two recommended ways to get a better view of the Niagara Falls. You can get closer on boat and soak in the gushing power of the massive waterfalls; or better still climb the 775 feet Skylon Tower to have a vantage view of the surroundings of the falls. These views are good for taking photos. If it’s not already in your bucket-list, go ahead and include it right away. Be among the 12 million yearly tourists to the Niagara Falls.

A vantage view of the Niagara Falls from the Skylon Tower. SOURCE: Skylon.com

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