#DestinationCanada – Old Quebec

#DestinationCanada – Old Quebec

#DestinationCanada – Old Quebec

Old Quebec is one attraction that will have you wowed. This walled city, known for its quaint stone buildings and narrow winding streets, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the location for the famous Notre-Dame Basilica.

The stone wall of a cafe at Old Quebec. SOURCE: Google

Another iconic historic structure found in Old Quebec is the castle-like magnificent Chateau Frontenac hotel (built on highland overlooking the city) by the Canadian Pacific railroad during the 19th and 20th centuries.

A view of the magnificent castle-like Chateau Frontenac hotel. SOURCE: Google

Often referred to as Old Europe on American soil, the aesthetics of Old Quebec, having similarity with that of Europe, is the remaining link between Canada’s North American geography and its European history. Opened 24/7, there are several artisan shops and café’s to shop and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Old Quebec is made up of the Upper and Lower Towns. While people live in the Lower Town, the Upper Town once housed the French settlers’ administrative buildings, and till today remains the city’s military and administrative centre.

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