#DestinationCanada – The Citadel

#DestinationCanada – The Citadel

#DestinationCanada – The Citadel

One fascinating characteristics of Canada’s tourism is how one can always find remnants of its European history on several of the country’s tourist attractions.

Take for instance Quebec City’s ‘The Citadel’; the largest British-built fortress in all of North America. It took 30 years for the Citadel to be constructed, and since the year 1850, it has remained an active military base.

The entrance to The Citadel. SOURCE: Google

From 1920, the Citadel has been home to the only Francophone infantry contingent of the Regular Canadian Armed Forces, the Royal 22e Regiment.

The Citadel is one of Canada’s functioning military bases, nonetheless tourists are all welcomed to take part in guided tours that include the museum and access to the traditional ceremonies, hosted by the Royal 22e Regiment soldiers.

At the museum, you can learn more about the Canadian Armed Forces, and if you visit the Citadel between the end of June and first Monday of September, you will witness firsthand the traditional Changing of the Guard ceremony.

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