Canada is rich in world-class educational institutions with a variety of offerings. Your level of education or career trajectory does not matter; Canada has something for you when it comes to education. Education is compulsory up to the age of sixteen in every province in Canada, except New Brunswick and Ontario where the compulsory age is eighteen. Famed for the ease of transfer between levels/types of education, switching schools and environments is flexible.


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Canada has a wealth of educational institutions with a trove of scholars with world-changing research.  You may want to get treasures from this treasure box. Canada’s investment in education and access to a world-class faculty has its effects: Canadian students are top academic performers in different parts of the world. There are various ways to get an education in Canada; you could attend a paid private school; a public school; get a home education; online or even register for adult education programs.


Considering working while studying? Canadian laws permit eligible students to work in Canada while studying. You can make a living and get a certificate at the same time. After graduation, there are opportunities for permanent residency for eligible graduates.


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