It has indeed been a revealing experience living in Canada. Revealing because it has shown how relocating reveals opportunities which one didn’t take advantage of before. It has also been quite challenging – with initial settling in, dealing with job search and jugging a survival job while staying focused to get that dream job in my professional background. On the flip side, getting to meet new people, forming new relationships and of course coping with the weather, have all enriched the experience for me and my family.

It is easy to recommend Canada for any immigrant seeking permanent residency because, in the past couple of 7-10 years (or more) Canada has always been ranked as one of the top 10 places to live in the world. It welcomes ‘all comers’ from everywhere to pursue their dream of living in a stable and functional environment, and has great benefits for women and children backed by law.

A country that welcomes everyone certainly values diversity and inclusion, giving you the opportunity to live and work in a safe, secure, and thriving multicultural environment.  Here, you have the opportunity to either continue in your previous career before relocating or branch out into a different one.

In Canada, you’re constantly reminded that you are your biggest asset, and can always apply yourself to achieve your goals.

Someone I know once said “relocating isn’t easy”; but I plan to stay in Canada.


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