There’s A Job For Everyone

There’s A Job For Everyone

There’s A Job For Everyone

One of the parameters used by the U.S. News and World Report in arriving at its ‘Best Country To Live In’ list for 2018 is the Quality of Life category. In this category which considered attributes such as job opportunity, safety, economic and political stability, and more, Canada ranked number one. It also has the second highest standard of living of all G20 nations, and one of the lowest unemployment at 5.7%, making it one of the strongest economies in the world. So, I would say Canada is a destination of choice for many African immigrants and there’s a job for everyone.

A new research by Randstad Canada and business research consultants CEB/Gartner lists the 15 most in demand jobs in Canada as General Labourer, Receptionist, Sales Representative, Accountant, Assembler, Machinist, Recruiter, Forklift Operator, Engineering Project Manager, Business Analyst, Customer Service Representative, IT Project Manager, Account Manager, Software Engineer and Administrative Assistant. These cover a diverse range of industries, from blue collar jobs to high-tech roles. If you already have an Express Entry online profile, make sure you register with the job bank even though it’s an optional step. Now let’s look at some of these roles that are ensuring that Canada’s economy remains strong.

General Labourer
Said to be the single most in demand job in Canada at the moment, according to Randstad, the general labour role covers a variety of menial duties. It is essential to keeping Canada’s strong manufacturing sector running smoothly. Usually contract work with large companies, the pay for general labour jobs are hourly and between $15.90 – $18.39. According to Randstad, qualifications vary depending on the role, but experience takes priority over education.

Sales Representative
The second most in-demand job in Canada, according to the Randstad report is the sales representative job. These are generally permanent jobs that pay between $52,000 and $62,000 a year for junior-level positions. The second position is understandable when you consider that businesses count on talented salespeople to move product off shelves and into customers’ hands.

Accountants appear to be in high demand because of the technical role they play. Whether it is filing of taxes, or general record keeping tasks, businesses and individuals need accountants to help manage their finances. The Randstad report describes a CPA designation as “the gold standard and will all but guarantee you steady employment in 2018.” Pay ranges between $63,000 – $75,000 for the mid-level position that are most in demand right now in Canada. Since this role is regulated, there is a process for certifying internationally trained accountants for licensure/registration in Canada.

Customer Service Representative
A customer service representative with experience using customer relationship management software has a huge advantage, according to Randstad. Most jobs are nine-to-five but some roles might require evening shifts. Having a university degree often isn’t a requirement, as experience involving customer service, such as having worked at a call centre, often takes precedence over formal qualifications. Salary ranges between $37,000 – $43,000 annually.

Software Engineer
Software engineers are the brains behind the software that runs on devices we use daily; from desktop software, to web applications, to smartphone apps. It’s no longer just tech companies that are building software; every industry from banking, to ecommerce, to government, and everything in between, requires software to function. These roles require a technical degree or diploma, and salaries range from $83,000 – $99,000 for mid-level positions.

Forklift Operator
More Canadians are said to be shopping online, a trend which has increased the need for companies to store goods in giant warehouses, from which orders are shipped. Since forklifts are essential to move stuff around in warehouses, there appears to be an increasing demand for people who can operate a forklift. Currently, hourly rate is between $16.59 – $19.42.

Canada is in need of foreign workers and professionals to help grow its strong economy and workforce, especially the IT sector which employs close to half a million professionals. Tech developers with knowledge of both front and back-end coding are in high demand to work as project managers, software engineers, web developers, program analysts and java developers. This demand some provinces like the British Columbia and Ontario, to implement targeted programs designed to facilitate immigrants’ entry into the country. Last year, for instance, Canada’s Federal government created the Global Talent Stream to expedite the processing of work permits for highly skilled tech workers.

An immigrant seeking to reside and work in Canada can take advantage of the recently reopened Masters Graduate Stream and PhD Graduate Stream programs offered under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). These streams are designed to retain international graduates who studied in Ontario. A Masters in one of Ontario’s universities where you can earn a postgraduate degree doesn’t just offer an immigrant permanent residency in Canada; if you happen to get a certificate in accounting or software engineering, or any of the in-demand subjects employees are looking for, you could succeed in becoming a resident of Canada, and also an employed one, with a good pay. British Columbia also holds weekly draws for tech workers with a job offer through its Tech Pilot Program.

To start your immigration journey to Canada, let’s see if you qualify for any of the numerous immigration streams. Please fill the ‘Free Assessment’ form and we guarantee a response from us within 24hours. Good Luck!!!

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